Period Relief

Hey Girl!

So if you are here, it is because you related to my video on how monthly periods can look and feel like. Uggghhhhhh they can be brutal, boy do I know. BUT rest assured you are in the right place, I got you!

So what are women doing to get relief?

It is not complicated nor is it an MLM product or sold in stores... it is a FOOD! Yes a multi-functional food.

Our hormones can be out of balance for various reasons... and it stems from our gut mircobiome.. so that is what we need to address and from there, things fall into place. We need to balance the gut- (balance the good + bad bacteria)

Without getting into crazy science research .. we now know that our gut microbiome is truly our bodies control center and depending on the health of the gut determines the overall health of the entire person.....such as mood, weight, and even chronic illness like autoimmune.

Fun Fact: There are more signals going from gut to brain, NOT brain to gut as once thought... so YES, it's all about gut health first and foremost.

Kefir has been used for thousands of years to help regulate the gut with great success and research shows how it helps menstrual cycles- PCOS, Endometriosis and so much more.

Combining this multi-functional food (tastes delicious- huge bonus) with a diet focusing on whole functional foods, you are setting yourself up for success!

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Stop letting your periods control you today and join the pain free period movement!