ReLease + ReNew ~ 12 Week Lifestyle Program- 1-1 Mentoring

ReLease + ReNew ~ 12 Week Lifestyle Program- 1-1 Mentoring

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The Past Is Gone, A Fulfilling Future Awaits! 

Did you know that an unhealed wound or incident from the past can adversely impact your digestive system?

Many people don’t realize that past trauma has a very strong effect on your digestive system and may be the reason why you are suffering from gut related issues.

In the Release and Renew Program, you will not only receive all the items from ReSet, ReBoot, RePopulate but we combine that with all the elements of the ReFocus + ReGroup layering in a very detailed look at past trauma and how to heal that trauma using deep, scientific, mind and body energy work and education. 

  • 12 week Program 
  • 1 on 1 Private Consultation
  • 2 Health Risk Related Assessments that includes a candida questionnaire and a symptoms evaluation
  • Gut Analysis
  • Post Trauma Evaluation and Correlation Study
  • Flexible Daily Food Menu Template
  • 8-10 wholistic strategic planning calls
  • KePro multi-functional digestive food product
  • Mindset and Rewire Curriculum 
  • Stress Management Toolkit that includes several proven stress management techniques for the gut
  • Comprehensive Food program which includes a full “gut guide”, label reading education, best foods for the gut directory, cooking instructions and much more
  • Post trauma approach mechanisms that are sure to help heal the gut 
  • Chakra Education 
  • A copy of the renowned Dr. Joe Dispenza book called “Breaking the Habit of being Yourself”
  • Free Text Community

** Requires consult call, document completion + signed contract**



Initial consult required before purchase.

NOTE: This Program is not medical advice and education only.

My Gut Hut and team are not licensed medical professionals. We do not prescribe medicine or treat patients.

Please consult your Healthcare professional before starting any My Gut Hut program.

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